Music Level
50 & Beautiful We're young and beautiful by Carrie Underwood Intermediate
Boardum Playboy by Dwight Yoakham Beg/Int
Chamois Shuffle Blue Blue by Leann Rhimes Beg/Int
Cheating Heart Your Cheating Heart by Sharon B Beg/Int 
Cheech & Chong Back In Your Arms by Lorrie Morgan Beg/Int
Christmas Bells With Bells On by Sharon B Beg/Int
Crazy Hearts Waltz Somewhere Between by Dave Sheriff & Sharon "B" Beg/Int
Dancing shoes Dancing on a Saturday night by Lynsey de Paul Intermediate
Devoted Devoted by Elle Benson Intermediate
Didya Ever Didya Ever by The Dean Brothers Beg/Int
Dixie do it That's how they do it in  Dixie by Hank Williams Jnr. Improver
Eight To The Bar (Beat Me Daddy) Eight To the Bar by The Deans Intermediate
Ela Ela  Ela Ela by Constantinos Christoforou (Amended copy available soon) Intermediate
Feel Free I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free by Charlene Hector Intermediate
First Love First Love by Alan Jackson Beg/Int
Funky Monster Jam

Have This Dance          

The Monster Mash by Glenn Rogers

Troy & Gabriella From High School Musical 3



Get That Job Yessireebob by Blaine Larsen Intermediate
Givin' Up Wine, Women & Song by Sharon "B" Beginner
Good Girls

Gone4Good New             

Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Say gone by Jimmy Wayne



Got to ???  Got to Get up by Afrika Bambaataa Intermediate
Hitting Hard You ain't hurt nothing yet by John Andrews Beg/Int
I Ain't Crazy I Ain't Crazy by The New Vagabonds Intermediate
Island shuffle Back to the island by Baha Man Intermediate
JTS Cha Cha

Jealousy NEW

Crystal Blue by Daniel Ray Edwards

When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland



Just Yours Just Yours by Glenn Rogers Intermediate
Leave It Up Leave It Up To Me by Aaron Carter Beginner
Little things Little Things by Tanya Tucker Intermediate
Live, Laugh & Love Live, Laugh, Love by Clay Walker Intermediate
Long Cool Ride Long Cool Ride by Nick Palumbo & The Flipped Fedora Orchestra Beg/Int
Love Factor's High When the love factor's high by Alan Jackson Intermediate
Making eyes What do you want to make those eyes by The Deans      Intermediate
Me Too Million-Dollar Cowboy by Ronnie Beard Beg/Int
My Number One My Number One by Helena Paprizou Intermediate
New Way New Way to Fly by Garth Brooks Intermediate
Old Age   Old Age Remix by Glenn Rogers Intermediate
Payday Blues Tore up by Ike Turner Intermediate
Pitter Patter Storm in a teacup by Lynsey de Paul Beg/Int
Pray            Pray By Lasgo Intermediate
Recovery Doctor-Doctor by The Dean Brothers Intermediate 
Saucy Sugar

Smarty Pants NEW

Sugar me by Lynsey de Paul

Smarty Pants by First Choice



Somethin' 4 mom Somethin' to write home about by Glenn Rogers Intermediate 
Stay  Wont you stay by Billy Curtis Intermediate
Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Sweet Smile by Scooter Lee Beg/Int
Swing & Jive Play The Music by Johnny Earl Int/Adv
Take it from me This thing called love by Rita MacNeal Beg/Imp
Tastin' The Music Tastin' The Music by Paul Rutter Intermediate
This Thing This Thing by Dan Seals Intermediate
Trying Trying to get you by Faith Hill Beginner
Ultimately Fine Ultimately Fine by Ricky Van Shelton intermediate
Victimized       Victimized by Celinda Pink Intermediate
Wait A Minute Wait A Minute by Sarah Evans Beg/Int
Waltz tonight Captured by Rick Tippe Beginner
What I need             What I need to do by Glenn RogerswW                                     Int
What she said            I don't know what she said  by Blaine Larsen                              Int   
You need a man           You need a man around here by Glenn Rogers                              Int
Yakety Yak                Yakety Yak by The Deans                                                   Int

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